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5 Activities That are Hazardous to Heart Health

by | Mar 1, 2020 | Health Tips, Healthy Living

Rise Chiropractic is dedicated to our patient’s health in many ways but at the end of the day, there are some things only you can control. Sometimes we think we are doing all we can for a healthy heart and body but unknowingly we are still doing things that are harmful. We have listed five activities that are hazardous to heart health that you absolutely need to be aware of.

Start making small changes because small changes turn into big changes and big changes are life-saving. Caring about your health is important for yourself and the people around you that want to have you around for years to come.

heart health

1. Sitting All Day

According to the American Heart Association people who sit for more than five to six hours a day double their risk for heart failure when compared to groups of people who live more active lifestyles. Usually, this amount of sitting is due to jobs where people have to sit at a desk all day long. If you have a job where this is the case try to stand up every thirty minutes to an hour and do some exercises at your desk. 

No need to do anything crazy to call attention to yourself, just make sure you take every opportunity to move. A five-minute walk every hour can make a huge difference in your lifestyle and heart health. Not only will your heart thank you but you will notice a difference in the way you feel. 

If you do not have an exercise routine already start trying to ease into one. Possible ways of doing that would be to take a walk every day, depending on your fitness and motivation levels this could be anywhere from fifteen minutes to thirty minutes. If that seems like too much start with three days a week, grab a friend to enjoy the scenery with, dance, or throw a ball with your kids or grandkids, the possibilities are endless. 

2. Over Use of Alcohol and Tobacco

Overindulgence is, unfortunately, a part of our culture but the gratification you receive from it is short-lived. The American Heart Association states that drinking in excess of two drinks for men and one drink for women a day may increase your heart rate and your blood pressure. As if you needed any more reasons not to overdo with alcohol, excessive drinking can also change your heart rhythm.

Like alcohol, tobacco affects your heart health as well. When you think tobacco you typically think about the harm done to your lungs but the truth is that it has equally negative effects on your heart as well. The best thing for you to do if you’ve struggled to quit smoking is to speak to your doctor about how they can assist you on your journey to being smoke-free.

3. Taking In Too Much Salt

Americans take in an exorbitant amount of salt more so through processed foods like lunch meat, canned vegetables and soups, frozen dinners, salty snacks, and chips. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to avoid these types of foods altogether. If you feel as if you have no other option there are ways to make better choices within some of these poorer choices.

As far as snacks are concerned you really should try to eliminate them altogether and opt for fruit or yogurt or something else fresh. If you purchase a lot of canned goods look for the labels that say “low sodium” or “no salt added”. This allows you to have control over how much salt you add or don’t add to your food. 

Salt is not a bad thing, we need salt to function and thrive but allowing others to control the portions in our food is killing us. Food corporations use salt as a preserving agent and a cheap alternative to flavor. Understanding this allows you to take back the control and do what is best for you and your family. 

4. Neglecting Oral Care

heart health

Believe it or not, flossing and oral health are connected to heart health according to the Journal of Periodontal Research. Flossing holds more value than what we once thought and can be the difference between getting heart disease or living a long healthy life. The journal found that people who flossed had fewer cardiovascular problems. 

Our mouths have been proven to be full of bacteria and when you do not floss it allows more bacteria from food and elsewhere to continue to grow. The growth of bacteria then promotes inflammation, inflammation in the body is associated with many illnesses including heart disease.

Make sure you are flossing at least once a day but ideally two times a day. If you struggle with getting between your teeth they have created many different types of tools to make flossing easier. Speak with your dentist if you have concerns about how and when to floss.

5. Poor Stress Management 

They call stress the silent killer, we don’t think about stress killing us because it is a relatively new idea, but it does. An overload of stress can actually cause your body to physically hurt, causing your muscles to contract, damage to your blood vessels, chronic headaches, and more. Over time, damage to your blood vessels can put you at a greater risk for stroke and heart attack. 

To protect yourself from the effects of stress make sure that you are practicing a few of these techniques:

  • Exercise releases hormones that help your mood and release tension, shoot for 30 minutes a day.
  • Find someone to talk to that you can trust whether a family member, clergy, or counselor.
  • Plan your day and prioritize tasks to keep from becoming anxious. 

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