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Educational Videos

Why do we get sick when we're stressed?
Expect Miracles -B.J. Palmer - Listen to this AMAZING story!
7 Ways to Keep Your Immune System Healthy and Strong!
Is it safe for pregnant women to be adjusted/ go to the chiropractor?
Ask the chiropractor! If i can crack my own back why do i NEED a chiropractor?
The Founder Pose is here! Great for Sciatic Pain.
Is it muscle problem? Is it a nerve problem?
The Beginner’s Guide
We explore what chiropractic is all about, and how it works, then we briefly explore the evidence informed effects of chiropractic care.
Chiropractic Techniques
In this video, we look at the different techniques chiropractors use together along with some research about them.
Pain Explained
Scientists have found the feeling of pain is something your brain decides you should experience.
Evidence Based Practice
The public need FACTS to understand why chiropractic care can help them. This animation looks into evidence based practice and what that means.
Joint Position Sense
We look at another research study focusing on the brain’s ability to know where our arms are when our eyes are closed.