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5 Reasons Stretching is Good for You

by | Dec 15, 2019 | Blog, Exercises, Health Tips

Here at Rise Chiropractic and Acupuncture, taking care of our body is a number one priority we try to bestow on others. One easy way, a way often recommended by Dr. Klosterman, is to regularly stretch. Stretching is a great way to make sure your body is always loose and a great way to prevent injury. 

How Often Should You Stretch?

First and foremost, you should always stretch before a workout or exercise. This will help warm your body up and stretch your muscles and ligaments out for whatever may be in store. This is why athletes place such a large emphasis on the importance of stretching. 

If you don’t exercise regularly, you may want to stretch at least three times a week to maintain flexibility. If you have a problem area, like tightness or soreness you may want to stretch out that area once or even twice a day. Stretching will help keep your body flexible. 

Best Types of Stretches

The best type of stretches for you is going to be largely dependent on the activity your partaking in. It also largely depends on potential trouble spots you have throughout your body. Here are some of the types of stretches that will help you:

  • Static stretching – Static stretching is most often recommended for general fitness such as weight lifting and running
  • Dynamic stretching – Stretching with movement, used often with athletes
  • PNF stretching
  • Ballistic stretching

Find the method of stretching that works for you and stick with it. It’s also important to mix up your stretches so your body can always be worked on. 

5 Reasons Stretching is Good For You

Dr. Klosterman preaches the importance of stretching and what it can do for your body. Here are 5 of the biggest benefits that come with stretching:

1. Reduces the Risk of Injury

If your muscles are too tight, they are more prone to tearing or being pulled. Tight muscles also place a lot of stress on other parts of your body such as your back and your knees. This limits your range of motion which means certain movements can place your body in danger.

Stretching frequently helps make you more flexible. This leads to you having a wider range of motion with your body. This can help prevent injuries that arise when your muscles are too tight and can help avoid longterm injuries. 

2. Prepares the Body For Excercise and Activity

If you’re getting ready for a jog, the first thing you should do is stretch out your body. This helps your muscles loosen up. By doing so, they are now better able to withstand the impact running has on the body. 

Stretching also increases the blood supply to your muscles and joints. This means it will take longer for you to grow tired. Stretching also helps tremendously if you just finished a rigorous workout and are worried about soreness. 

3. Decreases Muscle Stiffness and Increases Range of Motion

This is no secret, stretching creates more flexibility. This can obviously come in handy if you’re an athlete and need to rely on your flexibility from time to time. It can also help people with their everyday life. 

An increased range of motion limits the amount of stress placed on other parts of your body. If you’re feeling your hamstrings tightening up anytime you bend over to pick up something, it may be time to throw stretching into your daily routine. It can also help slow down the degeneration of your joints. 

4. Stretching Can Help Increase Your Posture

If you find yourself sitting for long periods of time, you could have a messed up posture. There are even studies that point towards smartphones having a negative impact on our posture. Stretching can greatly help improve your posture. 

This is because stretching helps your lower back, shoulders, and chest stay in alignment. This leads to your posture is improved. You will also notice that your back doesn’t hurt from sitting with proper posture. 

5. Stretching Can Help Reduce Stress

When you feel stressed you may notice your muscles starting to tighten up. Well-stretched muscles hold less tension. This means your body tightens up less when you’re feeling stressed out. This can help you feel stressed less.

Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care Can Also Help Your Body

There are several different ways that you can go about making your body feel better. One of those ways is acupuncture and chiropractic care. Our team at Rise Chiropractic and Acupuncture can help your body feel great! Call us today so we can get an appointment for you. 

Dr. Klosterman is here to help the people of Jacksonville, Florida get the most out of your body. Chiropractic care can help with aching joint pain and chronic back pain. Reach out to us to find out how our services can help you!

Are you suffering from a sports injury, back pain, or an auto accident? Did you know that chiropractic treatment can help?

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